Next Wave Group (NWG) launched HOSS (Hem/Onc Society Services) in 2017 to fill the unique management services needed by state society affiliates of ASCO and other oncology related organizations. NWG has successfully managed MDCSCO (Maryland/DC Society of Clinical Oncology. With the acquisition of societies formerly managed by MJEM (MJ Executive Services) owned by Mary Jo Richards of Oklahoma, the HOSS network is the second largest management services provider to oncology societies.

In all, NWG manages or provides services to 20 organizations, at the international, national, regional, state and local levels. Click here to find out more about Next Wave Group.

NWG, founded in 2000 by President/CEO Patricia Troy, has operated virtually since 2006 and utilizes a mix of employees and independent contractors, located throughout the US.

HOSS represents a new way of managing associations that is based on systems and the integrated use of technology. Services are provided remotely, but with the right mix of “on the ground” support and personal interaction.

Through this innovative collaboration, we provide a broadened scope of available services and depth of expertise. Our clients will have access to experts in the areas of advocacy, Continuing Medical Education, membership, digital communications, finance, corporate relationships, institutional relationships, events, publications and more. Each organization will have a designated Executive Director, as well as a support services team.